The duty to be responsible for the stability and development of the pedigree of a modern company.


The duty to be responsible for the stability and development of the pedigree of a modern company

The ability to take action, capacity for creativity and readiness are essential for continuous and stable management of businesses developed on a global and national scale. In particular, the flexibility and ability to make proposals to solve the extremely high cost & profit risks in investment and management are the most important duties imposed on a specialized general trading company that supports the business management of its customers.

Nihon Kanki Industry always provides flexible and sophisticated proposals and problem solutions at a world class level with respect to the duties imposed on it, and will continue to be a presence that always supports the stability and development of its customers’ businesses.

Intellectual property development

Discovery and commercialization of advanced "knowledge" that is hidden in domestic universities and research institutions "Nihon Kanki Industry brand"

Discovery of the "sleeping knowledge (basic research)" hidden in Japan

Our company’s specialized teams possessing both a high level of knowledge and commercialization know-how in each specialist field carry out research into the basic research hidden in Japan. They discover research for which high future potential and commercialization potential can be expected.

We support "conversion to intellectual property" through the basic technology development and basic patent acquisition of basic research.

Our company’s specialized teams support the skills for “conversion to intellectual property” that are lacking at many universities and research institutions.
They specifically and rapidly realize the basic conversion to technology that has not made progress to date due to a lack of skills among researchers.
Moreover, they acquire basic patents in order to develop the subsequent applied research and conversion to technology more smoothly and moreover to make them the foundation of the monetization that is required for later commercialization.

Promotion of proposals to operating companies and conversion to applied research and applied technologies for commercialization

We promote conversion to the applied research and applied technology necessary for developing basic research outcomes into “market technology” and “products” with the aim of commercialization. We utilize the strong business network of our company to propose optimal plans to operating companies. We promote the plans as joint projects and aim for commercialization that has specific earning capacity and sustainability.

Commercial business

Procurement and production of a full range of industrial products and technologies

We utilize our experience at many energy plants, including electricity, gas, oil refining, etc., to provide industrial products tailored to the needs and consultations of our customers quickly and flexibly.

Design and production of a full range of industrial products and members, including can products and valves, etc.

We undertake the design and production of specialized products with outstanding quality that utilize our experience and successful track record in the plants business, including tanks, hoppers, mounts and heat exchangers, a full range of products with special specifications, etc.


We take into account the process design and optimization under all conditions to make proposals for maximum performance and outcomes, and cost reductions.

Business investment

We promote a business model that earns stable income through the transfer of basic patents to businesses (companies) built up with intellectual property development and capital investment.